Schools Must Combat Obesity with Proper Nutrition Essay examples

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From the time they were in elementary school, students have heard about the importance of nutrition. Although they have been taught the value of a balanced, healthy diet, students continue to ignore the recommendations given to them and even complain about the steps that the school administration takes to improve the nutritional quality of the foods within the cafeteria. While the students may not realize it, obesity in children and teenagers has been steadily increasing, and schools nationwide are taking action to combat this epidemic (Rutledge 1). Schools should continue providing healthy foods on the lunch menu, as well as in the vending machines. The growing problem of child obesity is one of the main factors contributing to the …show more content…
More likely to experience teasing and bullying in school, overweight children have lower self-esteem and a higher risk of depression. Both of which are serious risks to their overall mental health (Afterschool, Alliance, and Foundation MetLife 1). These new findings have led expert to believe that “the current generation of children could suffer greater illness or experience a shorter lifespan than that of their parents—the first such reversal in lifespan in modern history. That possibility makes childhood obesity an issue of utmost public health concern” (Daniels 61).
Evidence has shown that obesity affects school performance, especially children who are obese for multiple years. While it may not be a direct link, studies have shown that children who are obese suffer from low self-esteem, which in turn leads to “lower academic achievement and attainment” (Hunt). If these students do not reach their full potential, it could lead to long term economic and social consequences. While it is not the only solution to low academic performance, improving the health and wellness of students could result in a higher level of achievement (Hunt).
Due the rising childhood obesity rates, schools everywhere have begun to implement various health food standards. In 1946, the United States Department of Agriculture created the National School Lunch Act, which has lead to the development of our
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