Schools Must Failing Their Students For Success

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Although schools are entrusted to educate the next generation of great thinkers, schools fail to prepare their students for success. Graduating students are blindly entering society expecting luxuries that do not exist. Schools fail to teach that in the “real world” not everyone wins, schools take censorship to the extreme, and fail to teach self reliance. Ironically, schools set their students up for failure when they decide to implement a “no fail” grading system. Schools that implemented the “no fail” policy” say that the policy will curb failure rates (Foxnews). A “no fail” grading policy prohibits the teacher from giving a failing grade even if the student neglects to turn in their assignments. Teachers must give students a second chance to turn in their assignments. If students still fail to turn in the assignment, they will still receive half credit (Catalyst-Chicago). Schools fail to teach students that there are consequences for failing to complete given assignments on time. AJC’s Maureen Downey says " In the workplace, it is termination." (Huffingtonpost).Second chances are given liberally to students; however, second chances are hard to come by in the workplace. If schools want to prepare their students for entry into society then they should abolish the “no fail” policy and stress to the students that second chances are seldom given in workplaces, universities, and adulthood. Schools must establish a policy that states that students will be given no credit for
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