Schools Need 21st Century Materials And Resources

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Schools need 21st century materials and resources to serve 21st century students. There needs to be a change in ideology regarding the function of the library in todays society. “For centuries, libraries have remained essentially separate, even competing with one another to establish and maintain the greatest collection, and now they need to recast themselves as platforms rather than storehouses. (Palfrey, 2015) With the introduction of the internet and online information libraries need to rebrand themselves. Libraries around the world can now share information with one another in real time, and the competition for resources has ended. That said, there is still value in networking with other agencies devoted to education and information. John Palfrey, author of Biblio Tech suggests that, “Libraries must act as ambitiously networked institutions, connecting their network effectively with partner intuitions: archives, historical societies, museums, and other cultural heritage organizations.”(2015) More agencies are partnering up to give their patrons access to the best and most credible information.

#Learning Commons
 The year of the Learning Commons is ablaze on social media. Teacher-librarians are embracing technology as a way to reach new audiences and share resources. The social media of choice for these tech savvy teachers is Twitter, and their hashtag is YearLC. (Loertscher, D., & Koechlin, C., 2015) Twitter is being used as a marketing tool to rebrand
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