Schools Need Advanced Classes At Stephenson High School

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SCHOOLS NEED ADVANCED CLASSES Reaching my full potential and being all I can be is something that I take pride in. “Free the child 's potential, and you will transform him into the world.” Giving students the keys to success is something that schools should not only be required to do but also strive to do. Schools should not have the right to hold academically advanced kids back. All schools should be required to offer the same amount of advanced classes, such as honors classes, AP classes, or even foreign language classes. Every student should have the opportunity to take the classes that suit him or her academically and should have the right to take any class that will help prepare them for college. One of the main reasons that I feel so strongly about this specific topic is from the personal experience with the classes that have been cut or not offered by my school, Stephenson High School. Currently at Stephenson High School, they do not offer any foreign language classes, AP classes, or honor’s classes. Stephenson High School had previously offered more advanced classes such as Chemistry II, and Physics every year, now due to loss of funds and budget cuts Stephenson only offers base Chemistry every year and Physics every other year. Foreign language classes are among the other types of classes also not offered anymore at Stephenson High School. For example Stephenson had previously offered Spanish every year for the past decade, and this year it was just not offered,…
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