Schools Need Policies And Procedures Essay

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All schools need policies and procedures which are created by the schools governing bodies to support staff by providing rules and guidelines which help to advise them of what is required and expected of them in order to manage different situations that might involve violence, threatening behavior or abuse. These policies hold staff and schools to account to the public, and save valuable time, unifies the school as well as create standards of quality for learning. If schools did not have policies in place then the school structure and function would not provide for the educational needs of the students. It is a legal requirement for schools to create a number of policies such as anti-bullying, equal opportunities, fire drills and mental health guidelines. School policies should cover: Discipline and behavior: It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that it provides a productive learning and safe environment from abusive, threatening or violent adults visiting the school for the staff and students attending the school as well as the protocols that staff are required to follow to deal with offensive weapons and knives, for e.g. if a pupils attends school and attacks a member of staff with a knife, the staff can restrain the pupil with reasonable force and the pupil can be permanently excluded from the school to protect other members of staff and children attending the school. Schools also have a number of non-statutory policies such as PE policy, Equality and
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