Schools: Should Art Be Taught In Schools

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Arts in School
Art is a way to express yourself and be different, so why does the schools keep cutting the funds? Every year schools all over America are either dropping all of the art classes or lowering their budget. Arts are vital for a student to give some stress release during the school day. Without arts some kids feel out of place and frustrated, not everyone is good at common core. Everyone should feel like they’re good at something, we need to let our school councils know that this is where we stand. “Art can be studied and done at home. Art goes first because things like math, science, and English really are necessary for successful careers” (Should Art Be Taught in Schools?). Not every kid has the at home funds to be
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Not everyone is cut out for school everyone is different. Kids with ADD and ADHD have a huge problem with this because they can’t focus. I feel as though some students who enjoy the arts do the same thing, they think about their coral song because its what they like to do, its not a crime, everyone has their strengths. What’s going to happen for the kids who only come to school for art after art is dropped? They will probably just have to deal with it and just go to school like everyone else and now they’ll actually get their life on track. So many studies have been shown to show that students who were involved in any art form had high dreams and started doing better in school. If art is dropped school will become that much harder to try and go to, those art classes are there for an easy class to try and calm you from all of those core classes. Art is so vital to a student’s peace of mind and should not be forgotten about. If everyone who feels the same as me and knows there school district is thinking about dropping arts would kindly email the school council about needing art in school this problem would cease to
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