Schools Should Not Be A Safe Haven

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It is no doubt that when a school shooting occurs it shakes our nation to the core. When we send our children off to school daily there is a level of security that we expect, and rightfully so. Schools are supposed to be a safe-haven not a place of fear or dread. Unfortunately, for many students when their day at school begins so does their nightmare. Since school-aged children are already filled with anxiety, emotions, and hormones when you add any type of negative experiences such as, rejection, violence or being picked on you can quickly have a recipe for delinquent behavior. It is terrifying to think that one day your child is sent off to school and that is the day one of their peers decides to carry out an act of violence. Schools are dangerous, but not in the way we imagine. It seems like every few months we turn on the news to hear that there has been another tragic incident involving guns and violence at a school. However, The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has reported that over the last 5 years there has been a steady decline of homicides of youths 5-18 at school. This isn’t to say that the numbers aren’t heartbreaking, every time a child is harmed it is a chilling reminder that our nation has a huge problem that we are faced with. Delinquency in our schools go much deeper than the occasional shooting incident. Regarding violent attacks in a five year span personal weapons (the person’s hands, fist, feet etc.) were 3.4 times more likely to have…
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