Schools Should Not Be Blamed For Safe Nutrition

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For many years, students who continue their education have been slowly gaining and losing weight. Some causes are from stress and other reasonings. Student rates of obesity, diabetes, and anorexic behavior are rapidly growing, making it one of the most significant epidemics in our children and young adults generation today. However, schools should not be blamed for not providing proper nutrition in schools. There are various reasons that affect a student 's health life in such as cultural changes, homesickness gaining weight by the food choices being supplied by the school, exercise and not being involved. The society believes the cafeterias and or school’s causes the students to gain or lose weight unhealthily; although it is not the…show more content…
The vending machines are providing them with 20% less fat in Doritos and in other products that are junk foods that are trying to become a healthier choice. Although it has been a steep slope to how many teens do not turn in their lunch forms and who signs up for their meal plans in college. It becomes much paperwork that most people do not have the time to complete. Some students suffer from the lack of food and or too much food and junk intake. Others are not eating, and most students don’t understand it’s not because of the lack of nutrition in school’s it is about how you carry yourself. There is a saying to know that "your body is your temple" and how you carry it depicts how healthy you will feel and be in the long run. Students claim that they cannot regularly eat because of the cultural changes. Some people who travel to foreign countries or places that is not like their hometown experiences culture shock. The places here like McDonalds and Burger King are places where people outside of America are hearing the pleasures of what a Big Mac or Big King brings. Some Americans say that it is the most delicious thing they ever had. Since these fast food, business are global furtherly being spread and built in other cultures, people from other countries travel and get curious as to how good it is. Sometimes it is hard for students to adjust for
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