Schools Should Not Be Blamed For Safe Nutrition

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For many years, students who continue their education have been slowly gaining and losing weight. Some causes are from stress and other reasonings. Student rates of obesity, diabetes, and anorexic behavior are rapidly growing, making it one of the most significant epidemics in our children and young adults generation today. However, schools should not be blamed for not providing proper nutrition in schools. There are various reasons that affect a student 's health life in such as cultural changes, homesickness gaining weight by the food choices being supplied by the school, exercise and not being involved. The society believes the cafeterias and or school’s causes the students to gain or lose weight unhealthily; although it is not the school’s choice of what the students should eat, it is the students choice on how they eat and if they know what is the right nutritional value for them. However, in today’s society many teens have been served with unhealthy food selections in their cafeteria. The food, in particular, is now becoming something the teens and young adults prefer not to eat or some even enjoy it a little too much. Researchers at Auburn University found that 70% of their college students gained weight (O’Connor 1). The students are not accustomed to the freedom of having anything they so desire for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Despite the schools systems serving bad food. On the other hand, school systems have been…
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