Schools Should Not Encourage Corporate Sponsorships

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For many years, corporations have sponsored schools in the United States. Many students and faculty can find corporate advertisements all over the school; on jerseys, uniforms, equipment, and even school buses. Corporate sponsorships bring money to cash-strapped schools that desperately need money, but these ads also bring distractions to students. Students deserve the best education the school board can provide them and these corporate sponsorships bring many distractions and annoyance to students. Schools should not allow corporate sponsorships into their schools if they do not bring the best benefits to students. Although corporate sponsorships bring a small number of benefits, the school board should provide an environment free from ads and corporate influence in schools because corporate sponsorships create a biased education system and creates lifelong customers out of vulnerable students. Corporate sponsorships bring a couple of financial benefits to cash-strapped schools. These sponsorships can provide better equipment, new textbooks, and improved school supplies to schools that need it. At Austin High School, corporate sponsorships would enable our school to provide better uniforms and microphones for choir and to provide many essential supplies needed for art and it also gives a way for schools to get more money from corporations whenever they need it. Corporate sponsorships can provide upgraded computers and technology to students and can upgrade or create new
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