Schools Should Start Later In The Day Essay

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Final Position Paper – Schools should start later in the day.
The researches have been accumulating over the years that suggest that schools should move its starting time later in the day. However, it has been mostly ignored by the school systems. Even after the concrete data are presented, which shows that students often lack sleep because of schools’ early start time, the American school systems have done close to nothing. Sleep deprivation is an important public health issue and it should be taken seriously. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 75 percent of public schools in the United States start before 8: 30 am, with 8: 03 being an average starting time (CDC). Many doctors and scientists believe that the early school is preventing students from achieving recommended amount of sleep and they have data behind that reasoning. Therefore, the school system and the U.S. government must listen to
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However, doing so requires other consideration such as increased transportation cost and its interference with the extracurricular activities. However, none of those matters is more important than students’ learning, as Carskadon said it best, “everybody learns better when they’re awake.” Since, schools’ primary purpose is to educate students, it should be given the importance over everything else. Also, moving school start time means it will also finish later, and then they can carry on with the sports and extracurricular activities.
All the sources cited here, including, authors and experts believe that chronic sleep loss put students to risk of depression, obesity, vehicle accidents, obesity, and even suicidal thoughts. Loss of sleep also put students in the academic risk, as the students cannot perform to their ability when they are sleepy. All these sources also suggest the same solution to this problem; start the school time later in the
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