Schools Should Wear Uniforms

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Should Schools Require Students To Wear Uniforms? School uniform has always been on the bias side with most parents and teachers, who usually associate it with a well-rounded, educated, and willing to learn student. It was not until recently that more public schools started immersing themselves in the program of requiring their students to consistently wear school uniforms for the rest of their school years. More or less, some students believe that school uniform would mean less freedom to express their individuality and creativity which are two of the most important things of being human, especially for ones that need to flourish in an open environment. However, a handful of studies have formed large number theories insisting with proof that uniforms do enhance the learning of a student and their overall behavior, but at the same time more studies seem to come in and contradict what is being stated. The idea and use of school uniform being in the school system can be dated back to as long as the 16th century in England where students of Christ’s hospital boarding school are required to wear clothing similar to that of a clergy. The idea eventually became a necessity for the upper-class and became highly sought out by prestigious schools all over the world. Uniforms did not always serve a good and meaningful purpose as it should have. For example, the United States had once used school uniform within the system of separating Native Americans from their
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