Schools and Nutrition Policy Essay

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Melissa Rossiter, currently an Assistant Professor in Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University and a Registered Dietician, conducted a descriptive study through the means of a questionnaire in 2007. This questionnaire, distributed to 130 prospective teachers, was intended to measured their “eating patterns”, “nutrition knowledge” and “personal health beliefs” as well as the “school’s food environment”, and the contribution these measures had on intended food practices in the classroom. The title of the paper is concise and easy to understand, however it fails to mention the relationship with the four aspects mentioned above. The abstract is a brief summary of the intentions behind of the research and explains the …show more content…
Opinions, beliefs and values are open to change. The author noted this, explaining that the current views of prospective teachers may not be representative of them once becoming a working teacher.. The associations identified can be difficult to predict because one cannot determine causality using a cross-sectional design. To determine causation of classroom food practices, a longitudinal study is more appropriate. The most relevant finding is that the lower the prospective teacher’s beliefs that the schools food environment is responsible for promoting healthy foods, the higher the likelihood of them to use rewards such as candy in the classroom. This finding does not reply to the objective of this research. The author’s intention is to determine whether the schools food environment (atmosphere, attitudes towards food, and types of food available) will influence the prospective teacher’s classroom food practices. This particular finding explores the effect on the prospective teacher’s classroom food practices, contingent of their high or low opinion of the obligations schools have to encourage healthy food choices. The study had two prominent strengths. First, this particular study uses a questionnaire derived from a previous similar study, so it has been “verified”. Additionally, a pilot study is conducted to determine the suitability of her questionnaire on 25
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