Schools and Uniforms

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School Uniforms Uniforms in schools are a big debate around the world. Should we have uniforms in schools? The answer is yes because uniform help the schools. They bring to table a great deal of help because students are getting bullied, killed, and some may not have as much as other when shopping for clothes. Having uniforms bring safety to schools and what goes on after school.
Why do we need uniforms? Most student have their own style, but a common argument against school uniforms is that they take away the students right to show their sense of style, creativity and culture. Yes, school uniforms may limit what the students have to wear, but he/she can still have their own ways of self-expression in many forms. Students can still express their style of choice by what shoes they pick, color of the shoe laces, how he or she styles their hair, what accessories they add, jacket they wear or socks; there are many ways. Uniforms are still versatile where they will not be breaking the dress code policy the school has set. Just because a student can’t wear the most latest Polo ,Lacrosse , or Hollister shirt or jeans to school doesn’t mean that his/her rights are taken away. School should be a place where Children come to learn, not to scope out the latest fashion trend. Outside of school, kids can wear and show off their unique sense of style.
(A great deal of conjecture has been devoted to the relationship between the implementation of school uniform policies and some
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