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TDA 2.5 Schools as Organisations 1.1: Identify the main types of state and independent schools. 1.2: Describe the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance. • Primary schools – funded by the Government and cover key stages 1 & 2. • Secondary schools – funded by the Government and cover key stages 3 & 4. • Academies – State maintained but independently run and cover key stages 3 & 4. • Nurseries – funded by the Government and cover the EYFS stage. • Colleges – for 16- 18 year olds offering vocational training and A levels. • Grammar Schools – funded by the Government and cover key stages 3 & 4 but pupils are selected by…show more content…
They will prepare and manage all classroom resources, display and mount all work, help supervise the children in class and also at playtime on a rota. • Site manager and Assistants – is responsible for the maintenance and security of the school ensuring it is fit for purpose which will include the use of experts when necessary for repairs. They are also responsible for the site assistants who clean the school. The assistants clean the school at the end of the day and also will enter the school in the holidays to do cleaning which cannot be done in term time. • Kitchen manager and Assistants – They are responsible for the provision of a choice of lunch to all pupils and staff. They must ensure the management, preparation and cooking of the food meets all the required food safety standards and that the kitchen meets all the health and safety standards. • Mealtime Assistants – are responsible for the welfare of the children at lunchtime whether that is in the dining hall, classroom or playground. • Administrator – works in the school office dealing with telephone calls and visitors. They are also responsible for the registers and updating the attendance records, the collection of any monies for school trips etc, the administration of medication to children, the contact details and all paperwork required by the head and deputy head teachers. 2.2: Describe the roles of external professionals who may work with a schools e.g educational
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