Schools as Organisations, Supporting Teaching Level 3 Qfc Diploma

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Schools as Organisations Julia Roberts 1.1 Early years foundation stage a) The Childcare Act 2006 covers provision of EYFS in the UK. b) Children can be taught under the EYFS by nurseries, childminders and kindergartens aswell as Reception class. c)For organisations to legally deliver EYFS they must register under the childcare act and they must follow Welfare and Learning and Development requirements in England. 1.2 State schools provide free education for children aged 5 to 16yrs, they are either wholly or partially funded by the Department of Education. Most state schools must follow the National Curriculum. Community schools, academies, foundation schools and grammar schools are the most common types of…show more content…
Occupational Therapist – Works with people with disabilities to achieve as much independence as possible. They assess the need for any equipment e.g. Wheelchairs, and walking aids. The OT at school monitors and assesses the needs of individual pupils. They provide equipment and advise on activities. One pupil was having postural problems and the OT provided a moulded cushion for his use which greatly improved his posture. 3.1 &3.2 a) The schools main mission, aims and values are “Working together as a dynamic team to provide the best for all learners” The Aims of Hillside School are to: Provide opportunities for all learners which maximise individual development, provide inclusion and set high expectations for achievement and learning. Provide each learner with a rich, broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum, directly related to individual needs and with reference to the national curriculum and the EYFS curriculum. Create a learning environment which is challenging, exciting, stimulating and safe, Celebrate achievements both large and small Develop skills that allow learners to lead a full, independent and meaningful life. b) The school ensures that pupils and staff commit to the schools ethos by regular training, inductions, contracts between the staff and school and children and the school. c) I help to promote the schools ethos by putting pupils

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