Schools in the Future Will Have Mor Ipads and Iphones

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In the first 13 weeks of 2013, Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads. Since the iPhone first came out, we have accomplished many things with the help of technology in our life, and we depend on it now. Without phones how can you communicate with others so far away in such little time? Most people assume these advancements in technology are going to bring our future down and drag everything with it. Although in the future, we seem to continue to grow with its help. And as we seem to be the future, learning and guiding with iPhones and iPads can only help to achieve more. First of all, like iPads in a classroom. This will not only make class more fun and enjoyable for students, but easier for them and teachers too. For example, if a student is absent one day, they can easily go online, get the homework, the activities they did in class, and be caught up the next day. Without having it the hard way and ending up a day behind classmates and getting double the work. There is also apps for everything including learning foreign languages, watching lives streams of animals at the zoo, teaching colors, getting help with math, and garageband, where the app has over 10 instruments to play and learn from. And more importantly, frog dissection which is better for squeamish students against live dissection on an animal. Also the easier it is for teachers to set up projectors, or see if students are struggling on their screens. And also, without students having to get

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