Schools of Art in Different Places of India Establish by the British Empire

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The approach of Britishers towards Indian art played an important role in the development of the process of the formal training of Indian artists so Britishers started to establish art schools in the major cities of India. One of the main reason of opening art schools in India was Britishers found that Indian artists had insufficiency in the scientific knowledge of art and were less able to create natural landscapes. Another reason was the demand for Indian luxury crafts by the British public in the last decades of the 19th century which became the major point of consideration for the initial policy makers.. The industrial arts were perceived by the British to be declining, for this mechanic institutes were opened for imparting useful…show more content…
The art education found a platform with the foundation of these art schools besides this art school later established in Lahore (1875) which was basically under the provincial government and were working according to the needs of and aims of the founders. By the 1890s these schools were able to create separate divisions for Fine Arts and the Crafts. After a public meeting on 26 February 1839, the first proper art school was established in Calcutta by the name of Calcutta Mechanics’ Institution and School of Arts which was founded by Frederick Corbin. In Calcutta, School of Indian Arts began in 1854 under the direct influence of Lecture by Colonel Godwyn on “Union Science, Industry and Arts”. He also advised to teach all the youths in Industrial arts based on scientific methods. Dr. Fredrick Corbin supervised the institute and C. Grant was taking drawing classes there. The main purpose of this school was to develop the inventiveness and originality, to trained more artists and makes them skilled draughtsmen, designers and engravers to provide employment. This school was originally started as a private enterprise by a group of Indian and English enthusiasts members of the society known as Industrial Art Society. In 1864, this institution was known as Government School of Art and Crafts after government took over the control of the school. Richard Grave was

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