Essay about Schwetzingen Castle and Mythology

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Schwetzingen Castle and Mythology:
The Connection
The beauty and history of the grounds at Schwetzingen Castle is unmistakable. There is a deep history part of its roots in mythology. There are over one hundred statues that decorate the property with many that depict some kind of god, hero or representation of something in mythology. There are also many examples of other cultures scattered around the grounds. The way they are portrayed, their faces and poses tell the story of how they were perceived by their creators. The original castle, built in 1350, showed none of the potential that the future grounds would hold. In its beginning, it was merely a small castle with a moat, one of many such structures in Europe at the time. It was the
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Apollo has his own temple on the grounds, whereas Zeus was limited to a single statue and simple fountain to represent his reign. The temple of Apollo is an open domed building with twelve pillars holding up the dome. Apollo is depicted in the middle by a marble statue. He is playing his harp and looking beautiful. Being that Apollo is the god of light, the top of the dome is a sun radiating its light outward. Apollo is shown without any expression on his face. I can imagine him playing his music in peace and harmony until he finds that Agamemnon has dishonored his priest by keeping the daughter of the priest. Apollo was then filled with rage and anger in his heart and filling the Greek soldiers with arrows from his silver bow. Beforehand, he is the soul of tranquility, now he is the bringer of death to the land. Athena also has a temple located on the grounds of the garden. Though it is called the temple of Minerva, the statue within its walls houses a spear and an owl. As she is the god of wisdom and war, these are her symbols. Minerva is the equivalent of Athena in Roman mythology. Her temple is much larger than the temple of Apollo. This should be so as Pigage designed the property, with the help of many renowned architects and scholars, as place of contemplation and reverence.
The last statue that is related to mythology that is located in the gardens is the statue of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is a monster with the head of a woman, the body of a

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