Sci 110 Assignment 1 Applications of the Scientific Method

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SCI 110 Assignment 1 Applications of the Scientific Method

Click Link Below To Buy: The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. The scientific inquiry is a way to investigate things and purpose explanation for their observations. Data is gathered, hypothesis suggested, and observations recorded.
Several different troubleshooting methods already exist but according to CompTIA; there are six steps to solve a problem. Drawing a parallel these steps are all included into the scientific method, but how?
Scientific method CompTIA troubleshooting
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All the computers plugged in the same outlet, or into the same switch or router are affected by the power surges. The other common culprit of internal network card failure is malware. Given the crucial role that NIC cards play in connecting computers to networks, network cards are a major target for malware. If malware can get access to the network interface controller, then the hacker can gain access to all of the networking data that passes through the computer. Technically speaking, malware does not directly damage the physical hardware of network cards, so there is no reason to replace the NIC hardware. What a malware does is hurt the software (the device driver) that controls the network card, and that can effectively render the network card faulty. If we suppose that the card is hypothetical culprit then, we will take some action to confirm the hypothesis.
•Physical test: we check the Ethernet cable (cable plugged into the card and the outlet on the wall), switch and router. Result of the test: Cable, switch and router are all working well. Then we move on the next step.
•Logical Test: on the computer, we need to check if the card is responding to a request (internal this time) the network internal address the card called loopback address is for all computer and to do that go on. Click on Start-Accessories then commands prompt. Black screen will pop up. Then type ping and hit ENTER. For the purpose of this assignment,
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