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Chronic Diseases SCI/163 Essentials of Health and Wellness Chronic Diseases Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic disease that overtime deprives an individual of the ability to breathe. It is currently the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. COPD is preventable, there are ways to diagnose this disease, and there is treatment. Tobacco smoke contributes to more than 90% of COPD diagnosis worldwide, and the other 10% is mainly made up of genetics, environment or occupational causes. Those who smoke often either ignore or do not understand the early signs of this disease. Early signs would include coughing, mucus, clearing the throat, and wheezing. Most smokers accept this as a result of smoking and do not…show more content…
Steroid inhalents bring only temporary relief. Reversing the conditions of COPD would require aggressive treatments in the early stages, when treatment is more effective (Doherty, 2002). To prevent COPD, one must quit smoking or drastically cut back their cigarette use. Those who have smoked and quit may still never gain back their healthy lung function once the disease has set in. Yet it is possible after one stops smoking to see an improvement and can slow the rates of decline. To aid in the prevention of COPD, a healthy campaign to help persuade people not to start a cigarette addiction would be best. For those, who are addicted, helpful resources to encourage quitting should be more available in ad campaigns from the medical community. Safer alternatives and aids to quit are nicotine gum, herbal treatment, hypnotherapy, and going cold turkey. If one is suffering from COPD or related to a family member or friend who is, there are support groups online, through forums, or meet ups. Three credible sources for help and support dealing with COPD are,, and Chronic diseases are preventable, and to prevent damage to lungs and airways, in the case of COPD, stop smoking or do not start. To diagnose this disease, an in office spirometry test can rule out the early stages. Treatment for COPD is difficult, especially in the case of reversing it.
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