Sci 207 Complete Class Essay

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SCI 207 Complete Class

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SCI 207 Week 1 Assignment Innovation and Sustainability

Humans are constantly innovating ways to produce and consume material resources. Write a paper addressing the following issue:
Give specific examples of at least two (2) production and two (2) consumption habits humans have related to material resources. These are discussed in Chapter Four of Contemporary Environmental Issues, which includes production of all types of consumer goods as well as consumption of environmental resources.
Discuss efforts that must be considered about these production and consumption habits in order to sustain the global population?
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You will use the EPA’s household emissions calculator to quantitatively identify three to five everyday products or practices that contribute most to your footprint and identify measurable solutions to each. That is, you will estimate savings of both carbon emissions and money that can be achieved via the solutions. In the study questions, reflect upon your results and relate them to themes covered in Contemporary Environmental Issues.

SCI 207 Week 2 LAB 2 Land use in Pinchot

Visit Land Use in Pinchot Lab (accessible through the Labs section of Contemporary Environmental Issues) and complete the virtual lab. In this lab you will apply the scientific method to examine how thresholds of land use changes such as deforestation and urban sprawl can impact communities, predator/prey relationships, species diversity, and quality of life in human communities.

SCI 207 Week 3 Paper Outline

1. Due by Day 7. Outline of Final Paper. Review the Final Paper instructions in Week Five of the online course or in the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide. Then, visit the Ashford Writing Center located under the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar in your online classroom. Review the “Sample: Outline.” Format your outline for the Final Paper according to the “Sample: Outline.” (NOTE: In the “Sample: Outline,” it states that the thesis statement is the last one to three sentences of the introduction. However, the thesis
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