Sci-275 Week 2 Assignment

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Assignment: Risk Assessment By Jennifer Josey April 7, 2012 Instructor Erin Rust Summary Malathion has been introduced to our City Council here in Wilhelmville. We as a community are looking for a pesticide to kill these insects destroying our crops, however in reviewing information found and presented to us and our council we have a split decision. Below is what we have been presented with by concerned citizens of the community. When presenting this information to the members of the council will assist me and others in our decision whether this is the pesticide that we need to use here in our community. Hazard identification Malathion is a strong insecticide used primarily to control insects on crops. Water,…show more content…
* Naphthalene has caused lung tumors, birth defects, and is toxic to fetuses * 1-Butanol has caused genetic damage, birth defects, reduced fertility, and eye irritation. * Xylenes have caused birth defects, reduced fertility, miscarriages, irritability, and eye irritation. * “Trim ethyl benzene has caused genetic damage and behavioral changes”. (NCAP, 1992). Risk Characterization Some of the risks are getting cancer from the inhaling Malathion once it is airborne. You also have the factor of it getting on our children, especially out toddlers. We have the largest corn field in the county right behind the middle school. What about that? Tests have shown that Malathion case cause Asthma, trouble breathing and shortness of breath. I believe it is too much of a danger for our families and the members of this community. We must find another pesticide to use for our crops. References Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry. Retrieved Jan 14, 2010, from Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) (Winter 1992). Malathion Insecticide Factsheet. Journal of Pesticide Reform 12(4). Retrieved May 4, 2008, from

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