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Terms and Definitions Worksheet SCI/362 – Environmental Issues and Ethics University of Phoenix University of Phoenix Material Terms and Definitions Worksheet Write brief descriptions for each of the terms below. If you use an outside source to define them, include the citation for the source. Scientific method | The scientific method is a process that is used to answer questions and solve problems. Although there are different variations of the scientific method, it contains 5 basic steps. (1) Recognize a question or an unexplained occurrence in the natural world. Once this question has been developed examine scientific literature to determine what is already known about the subject matter. (2) Develop a hypothesis. A hypothesis is…show more content…
This way of thinking regards the whole ecosphere as deserving consideration, making all humans, organisms, animals, have equal rights and should be valued and cared for. Reference Biotechnology Online. (2005). Commonwealth of Australia. Glossary – Eco-centrism | Ecology | Ecology is the branch of biology that studies the relationship between organisms and their environment. Ecology is a basic tool of environmental science. Reference Raven, P., Berg, L., & Hassenzahl, D. (2010). Environment. (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. | Ecophilosophy | Ecophilosophy is a method of thinking that combines philosophy and ecology, while maintaining that humans are an intrinsic part of nature and are inseparable from it. It is the pursuit for ecologically wise and melodious living between humans and all nature. Reference deChambeau, Landsman, and Hauk. (2010). Ecophilosophy. Creative Commons Attribution | Ethics | Ethics is a division of philosophy that results through the logical human values. These values are the priciples that individuals or society consider being important. Values are not fixed entities, they change as cultural, political, economic, and social significances change. Ethics assist in determining forms of conduct that are morally acceptable or unacceptable as well as play a role in human activities that invole intelligent judgement and voluntary actions. When there are conflicting values, ethics help to distinguish which value

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