Sci Damath Andoroid Game

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Chapter 1
This chapter will show the different content such as project context, project description and purposes, project objectives, project scope and limitation, project definition of terms that are directly related to the project. It will discuss in detail the aim of this study and the goals behind it.

Project Context
As time passes the type of information that user need to often changes in order to make information more convenient and easy to produce thus mobile devices are invented. A mobile device is a computing device small enough to hold in the hand. One popular type of mobile device is the mobile phone. Android phones are very popular now a day. Every month there are new releases of the newest model and brand.
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It will help the developer in exploring and studying other possibilities of controlling some computer function using Android application.
This will help the users to lessen the time and find a better way in searching information about herbal medicines.

Future Researchers
This serves as related study providing reference that may be used in other researchers and it add interest and insights about the application of different Android operating system

Objectives The general objective of this study is to create a game of computer terms that can be used in android operating system. Specially, it aimed to: 1. To analyze the hardware and software that we need to use to create our system. 2. To give hassle free and to have instant and compatible application in mobile phones. 3. To evaluate an application that is approved not only to the students and faculty but also to the people that can use the application in terms usability, design, user-friendliness and error handling.

Scope and Limitation
The study covered by computer terms and their definition but was limited to one thousand (1,000) computer-related or information technology terms as well as their definitions. It is smartphones software application that gives entertainment and knowledge while you playing this application. It can provides attractive design that will help to

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