Sci275 Water Resource Plan Essay

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Action Items(in the correct order) | Action Steps | Timeline | Identify the fish species being affected | Consult the studies conducted by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and identify the big fish that are in danger | Month 1 | Develop a “Reduced Catch” plan and implementation procedures | Create a plan to limit the amount of fish that commercial fisherman can bring in on a single catch. Create enforcement regulations to ensure the plan is followed. Set roll out date. | Month 2-4 | Schedule presentation for commercial fishing industry | Develop a presentation to outline the new plan to the members of the commercial fishing industry.Schedule presentation date.Give presentation nationwide and inform the commercial fishing…show more content…
These nets are illegal but still used quite often. A drift net is towed behind the boat and captures anything that swims or floats into it. This often results in by-catch, which is the unintentional capture of certain species, such as bottlenose dolphins (Dolphin p. 2). Another damaging technique used is long line fishing. “Hundreds…of baited hooks can hang on one line. Bait can be squid, fish… The lines can be set with anchors or left drifting with the current for 12 to 24 hours” (Long Line para. 1). These long lines are harmful to many different animals. Birds are often found on the lines, having drowned while trying to eat the bait. Loggerhead turtles, which are endangered, are found also. Sharks are the most common casualty of long lining. (Long Line para. 2). These are just a few of the consequences of common fishing techniques. This “Reduced Catch” plan should have the ability to strike a balance between the environmentalists and fisherman. Commercial fisherman will be able to keep fishing but will have to reduce the size of their catches. Surely, they will not agree with the reduction in their catch size but they cannot argue the necessity of replenishing the fish populations. It is summed up best by marine biologist Sylvia Earle: “…what is not realized is that when the fish have gone, the way of life will come to an end anyway. What’s happening is not sustainable” (National para. 9). In the long run the commercial fisherman

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