Science: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Science – Its Advantages and Disadvantages
One of the striking features of 20 century is the progress of is no section oh human society in which science has not brought revolution. But still the term is debated among the conscious people that whether science is blessing or it is a curse for humanity. The facts, which are drawn by systematic study, are applied practically for the welfare of mankind or for the destruction of humanity. For example a gun in the hand of a guard is used for the safety purposes but the same gun in the hand of a terrorist may take the life of many products of science. It is up to the human beings how they utilize them. Let us discuss how science serves humanity and how it is harmful for it.

Blessing of Science
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We are no longer in isolated circumstances. What happened at the other corner of the worlds came to be known within seconds. Scientific developments and cultural changes are introduced in other countries in seconds. An international culture is going to emerge with same traits. An incident that occurs miles away from us comes to out knowledge by telephonic talks or in the kind of radio waves or in the shape of film report on the air. • Atomic energy is used for many development purposes. It is the cheapest source of energy. Electricity can be produced by it. It is used for the purpose to cure cancer and other dangerous diseases. Low yielding tracts of land can be developed into high yielding fields with the help of atomic energy. For space explorations the rockets are sent. In these rockets atomic fuel is used. Atomic fuel is also used in submarines, which go deep in the sea for research purposes. • The production of luxury goods has made life easy to live. In summer season we can enjoy air-conditioned cars, railways and offices. In winter season heater provides warmth. Printing press is an important achievement of science. Books are make possible for next generations to get benefit form the research of their forefathers. Every morning we have fresh where it necessary. By paying nominal price we get information and education t our door. • Space explorations and sea discoveries are the result of scientific development.
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