Science And Its Impact On Science Essay

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Science is an ordered study of the global facts that involves keen observation, analyses and the use of experiment to certify the researched facts. Science can also be defined as the orderly wits that are obtained through observation and even through the research and experiments. In the field of philosophy, science is defined as the approach or the methodology used to test the philosophical hypothesized statements about nature and other related matters of life. Science interacts differently with various topics such as theory, presupposition, prediction, causation, correlation, probability, possibility and even the impossibility. The various elements have different roles in science which are going to be evaluated in the paper.
The theory is one of the most important aspects of science; are the backbone of science. From the definition of science, we have seen that it is a systematic manner of generating knowledge. Theories help to elaborate the observed phenomenon regarding what is known; they predict the unknown, and in the end, they come up with a conclusion or a new format of the situation. Theories also help to show the scope of the observed conditions as well as interactions of the situation with other entities. Therefore, theory plays the role of enabling of the formulation of hypothesis in science which are later tested using the systematic approach to science.
Scientists are those specialists dealing with science, and they are human too. Each and every human has some
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