Science And Its Impact On Science

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While science serves as a trustworthy means, humans have disrespected it as an insufficient end. The results produced by scientific experiments are legitimate to a particular population, in a particular environment, at a particular time. The results of such do not substantiate claims or assertions of the broadest category of “human nature”. Science may lead us to conclude a correlation of human behavior, but to claim a causation would be vastly outside the testable scope of science. Godfrey-Smith explains the “unsteady” history of science (Godfrey-Smith, 2003), however, science remains a trustworthy venue. It is humans that are responsible for representing it in untrustworthy ways. As in any other domain, science seems to have endured a history of creating theories, proving those theories wrong, and creating new ones from that. This evolution of ideas and ways of thinking do not discredit science’s validity, but instead prove that we have grown and learned over time, through advancements in technology and greater understandings of why we are asking particular questions about the world (Godfrey-Smith, 2003). The underlying untrustworthy aspect regarding science is not in the scientific results themselves, but the discussion and human conclusions drawn from such findings. In order to understand, we must go back to the results themselves and try to understand what they are showing us; whether that be descriptive or normative data, or both (Godfrey-Smith, 2003). A major
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