Science And Philosophy May Seem Like Belligerent Sides

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Science and philosophy may seem like belligerent sides at first glance, but in reality, these two subjects are surprisingly alike. One is an incredibly rigorous and definitive field of study while the other is a subject categorized into the arts, the two actually behave in a harmonious manner and complement each other. Philosophy and science have an interesting relation in the past, in their nature, and in their methods. The similarities bring these two fields of study together, while the differences in their methods help the other overcome their endeavors. Ancient Philosophy and Sciences Starting from the most ancient times, philosophy and science have been working together to discover the secrets of this world. If one were to do…show more content…
The modern day taxonomy is heavily based off of Aristotle’s methods of classification of animals. Admittedly, the word taxonomy comes from the ancient Greek word “Taxis”, which means arrangement, and “Nomia”, which means method. Not only was he the pioneer in the this certain scientific study, but also had he made further contributions in many other scientific fields. With all these major works of science compiled by Aristotle, he should be a major figurehead in the sciences; however, despite the aforementioned facts, if one were to be questioned about who was Aristotle, the first thought most people would respond with is that Aristotle was a great Philosopher. With these wondrous discoveries and studies done in the fields of science by ancient philosophers, it is particularly evident that philosophy and science are two eminently close-knitted and harmonious subjects in the past. Philosophy had been the first spark of thought that was later ignited by the experiments and proofs of science. After all, the nature of these two subjects are remarkably alike. Nature of Philosophy and Science The nature of science and philosophy share many traits and utilizes many similar ideas. Philosophy, for thousands of years, have been attempting to develop an understanding and comprehension of the world and the events in the world. The sciences are not different in this aspect; it attempts to grasp a thorough knowledge of this world with the use of
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