Science And Religion Analysis

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Townes perspective on science and religion is unique in its approach; in fact, the article clarified many personal misconceptions and summarized the teachings of many faith speakers and scientist. It seems that Townes suggest that science and religion is best understood by questioning, observing, experimenting and having faith in order to find truths to the unknown. According to Townes, science and religion are viewed as two separate, but equally acknowledged fields of study (Townes, 1966). People often believe that there are differences between science and religion because science investigates the natural world and religion investigates the supernatural world. However, some believe the two are complementary (Townes, 1966). Therefore, proposing that the conflict between science and religion can only be resolved by individual thinking.
Following, Townes offers many descriptions of how science and religion that suggest there is no difference in the two. Additionally, Townes points out is that faith is necessary to us in both aspect, science and religion (Towne, 1966). Although, the languages and the teachings of religion and the educations of science vary, the two must
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Personally, Townes succeeded in showing that science and religion do not contradict one another, but goes hand in hand. Furthermore, he argues that religion is necessary for scientists to begin (1966). He clearly examines the relationship between science and religion by comparing both to old times of superstitions and individual revelations. Subsequently, Townes even quotes Constantine for “I believe so that I may know” and Einstein quote that God is very intelligent, but he is not spiteful, further indicating how difficult it is for humankind to comprehend inconsistent and complex information
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