Science And Science Of Science

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It’s crazy to think my science education began over 15 years ago. Science has played a role in my life for as long as I can remember. My first memories of science began with me playing in the dirt, picking flowers for my mom and chasing butterflies. I remember picking raspberries in the backyard, keeping a ladybug as a pet, and the long days at camp spent fishing and hunting with my dad. On the contrary, the start of my science education also included some negative experiences. I got stung by a bumble bee, fell off my bike and scraped my knee, and left a container of worms open inside our fridge. This taught me at an early age that science is fun, but also complex. These childhood experiences were the base of my understanding and knowledge of science. While most of my science experiences started at home, many took place in school as well. Through my elementary school years, I was not as interested in the subject of science as I am today. We learned science often during these years, however, only a few of these memories stand out. I seem to have a vivid memory of dissecting a sheep’s eye in second grade, drawing the oceanic environment in third grade, dissecting a pig’s lung in fourth grade, and the creation a water purification system in fifth grade. I suppose I can’t forget about the time my best friend broke her elbow right in front of me. In addition to these memorable science experiences, I remember planting seeds, the water cycle, the solar system song, and our
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