Science And Technology Are On The Whole Good For The Environment

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Science and technology are on the whole good for the environment People, viewing themselves as a part of nature, can exist as a species only through consumption and destruction of natural resources: even the energy and resources for nature protection people receive by destroying its most important part - the lithosphere. The development of technological progress increased the negative impact on the environment, however, in recent decades there have come certain positive changes in approach toward qualitative improvement in environmental management with successful development of waste-free production, implementation of new technologies to reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, improvement of soil health, enhancement of crop quality parameters, and etc. Effective economic and legal mechanism is capable of maintaining a proper measure of correlation between economy and ecology at a reasonable level with lesser amounts of direct investments. To implement this condition in the economic and legal mechanism of environmental regulation, it is required to combine three basic functions: 1. To encourage the implementation of non-waste, environmentally clean technologies; 2. To create interest in carrying out restoration and conservation measures; 3. To regulate the process of accommodation of new and reconstruction of operating industrial objects under the conditions of rigid environmental restrictions. ( Integration in economic and legal mechanism of

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