Science And Technology Modern Society

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Science and Technology in Modern Society This study was conducted on South Padre Island, Texas,along the extreme southern portion of the Texas Gulf Coast (Figure 1). This area has several populations of black mangrove. Two different black mangrove populations served as study sites, designated as sites 1 (26u59 N, 97u109 W) and 2 (26u89 N, 97u109 W). The two sites were approximately 5.5 km apart. Color-infrared aerial photography and computer image analysis techniques were used for this study. Kodak CIR (0.50 mm to 0.90 mm) type 2443 film was used for the aerial photography. Photography was obtained with a large format (23 3 23 cm) mapping camera. The camera had an aperture setting of f11 at 1/250 seconds and a 305-mm lens equipped with a Wratten 15 orange (minus blue) filter Although the terms science and technology are commonly used in conjunction with each other, it is important to recognize an important distinction between the two. The term science is derived from the Latin words scientia (“knowledge”) and scire (“to know)” and refers to a systematic and rational approach to investigating natural phenomena through a combination of observations, experimentation and testing of hypotheses (all of which are elements of the scientific method which will be discussed in greater detail in Chapter 3). Science is thus a philosophy of inquiry that seeks to gain new knowledge of natural phenomena regardless of whether or not any practical applications for such knowledge
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