Science And Technology New And Improved Drugs

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The diseases which were once thought to be incurable do find treatments or cure in due course of time with the progress of human research expertise. With the progress of science and technology new and improved drugs are found thus change in nature as well as human development appears as the course of life. In keeping with this, the Hathi Committee has held that a fixed or any constant number of inventions or research formulations are not sufficient to meet all the needs of time and nature. Drawing back to the earlier case, Municipal Councli Ratlam vs Vardichand The court observed that the conclusion/ findings of the Hathi Committee were not adequate as it does not reflect the current state of affairs. The World Health Organization in its report said that certain human ailments can be treated effectively with certain generic drugs. It is accepted that the recommendation available to the World Health Organization was more accurate than that of the Hathi Committee for better resources. While the Court acknowledged that this is a grave health concern issue which may be transitory as situations do not remain the same. The Central Government may formulate a national policy based on the expert advice which may prescribe a set number of formulations to meet the medical needs of people. The government ought to eliminate pernicious drugs form market from human consumption at the same time certain drugs needs to be manufactured distributed in greater quantity to meet the
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