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Science and Technology Science and technology are two very different, but two very similar things. Technology and science are both advancing at a very rapid speeds, which means everyday they rely on each other more and more. Science and technology are in deed interdependent. Science is used in technology, and technology is used in science. Both are important to our society today, and together, they have affected people’s lives all over the world. Science is the knowledge or the study of the natural world by investigating through the scientific method. Science is used to answer the general laws of the universe and explain how the world works. In science, people learn by conducting experiments and analyzing data to draw a conclusion and answer a question of nature. Science uses observations and facts to discover the answers of unknown things in the world. Technology is the knowledge having to do with the application of science to create machinery or equipment for practical purposes. Technology is the use of science in many things like engineering, industry, and is used to invent machines and contraptions that would help people. One example of how science and technology are interdependent is the way they work together for earth and space science. In this particular science, technology is needed to discover and collect all the information to learn and understand things in earth and space. One way is by using seismographs. This is a device that is used to measure earthquakes.

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