Science And The First Grade

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Science and Me The earliest memories I have of science is growing bean sprouts in the second grade. I remember gathering around the window in the classroom to look at the progress our little plants were making. I remember being in awe that an entire plant was eventually going to grow from such a small seed. My teacher talked about how important sunlight and water were to the plants, and we were tasked with drawing the bean sprouts in our notebooks. I remember this activity more clearly than most of the other material I was taught that year. I believe this is because I remember how fun I thought it was to explore science with this hands on activity. Up until about the seventh grade, science was always about exploration. We learned about the subject through experimenting or playing with models. In fourth grade, we went out into the woods and collected the leaves we were learning about in class. In fifth grade, we blew up a pig’s lung with a bicycle pump to simulate the breathing process we were reading about in the textbook. In sixth grade, we made models of the atoms we were learning about out of toothpicks and marshmallows. These hands on experiences stick out in my mind above all of the other activities I’ve done in the subject. In elementary school, science was my favorite subject. I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up, I loved all of the hands on projects and experiments that we did as a class and wanted to spend my life exploring and searching for answers to my

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