Science Celebrates with Dolly, the Cloned Sheep Essay

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In the world of science there is only one reason for a celebration, a scientific breakthrough. July 5, 1996 is a date in many scientists’ eyes where a party is indeed called for. A star was created, Dolly, a sheep who was successfully cloned in the hands of science. In the website article, “How Human Cloning Will Work,” the authors Cristen Conger and Kevin Bonsor use rhetoric appeals to illustrate the possible downfalls and achievements of human cloning. A detailed assessment of how the authors use logos, pathos and ethos to explain a “how to” on cloning to their audience will be analyzed.
One element the authors used in this article to persuade the readers was reasoning or logos. The author used history and statistics as a basis for his
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With the development of cloning, the idea of cloning humans became an option and with that came “the possibility of bringing deceased relatives back to life.” At the end of reading this sentence, the authors want the readers to think of their family members who have already taken their last breath. They want their audience to feel an emotion, any emotion, rather it be the joy of seeing their lost loved one or anger at the thought of resurrecting their loved one from their slumber.
To continue the rhetoric of emotional appeal, the authors mention that the suffering of animals in the making of this scientific breakthrough.
Those close that do survive suffer from genetic abnormalities. Clone cells may age more rapidly, shortening their lifespan, similar to what happened with Dolly. Some clones have been born with defective hearts, lung problems, diabetes, blood vessel complications and malfunctioning immune systems. One of the more famous cases involved a cloned sheep that was born but suffered from chronic hyperventilation cause by malformed arteries leading to the lungs.
Instead of the authors writing many clone cells die early from complications, they list the complications in detail for a whole paragraph to show that animals are suffering. The ongoing list grabs the audience one by one as each comma goes by.
The authors further their emotional appeal by mentioning films dealing with cloning. Films are made solely for the purpose of entertainment for the
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