Science Class Observation

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We (Holli and Abbey) sat in on a Science REACH class at Leopold Elementary School. Science REACH class is a specials class that the third graders attend outside of their normal class time. At Leopold, the third-grade staff has chosen to combine both the Dual Language Immersion students and English Language Immersion students during specials to avoid too much separation between the two groups. Because of this, we thought that observing the language used by students during this time would be interesting.
The Science REACH class has five tables with enough chairs for four students to sit at each one. Three of the four emergent bilingual students, Kennedy, Juan, and Jonathan, sat at a table together in the corner of the room. During this class, the students were instructed to construct something with moving parts out of little plastic pieces called Connects either separately or in groups.
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They all chose to make separate Connect constructions, so the only time they needed to talk to each other was when the "runner" of the group had to go to the buckets on the side of the classroom to get more Connect pieces so they could keep working on their constructions. During one of these moments, one of the students yelled to the runner of the group, "Puedes... Can you bring four of these?". A little while later, that same student needed more pieces and the runner was having a hard time finding this specific piece in the buckets. This time he yelled, "Dude look way down, como para abajo". From these two interactions, we could observe that these emergent bilingual students were comfortable communicating in both languages with each other and switching between the two freely as
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