Science Education And Knowledge Of Science

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Science Education and Knowledge

Despite the distinction being made between the arts and the sciences in the curriculum appearing definite, there are a number of aspects of Science education in primary education which make it more similar than different to music education. The first aspect which provides a link between science and music is the idea of exploration and discovery through science. Contrary to the beliefs of many, science is not only about discovering “truths” as there are no scientific truths, only probable theories. Science therefore, like music, is about discovery and pupils having a combination of directed and undirected learning. Knowledge in science can also be propositional or procedural. Propositional knowledge similar to in music is mainly subject specific and knowledge such as the number of planets, the names of chemicals or the ability to describe an electrical circuit all require knowledge of fact. This too is often driven by the desire to help pupils to gain an understanding and a vocabulary which is suitably scientific for them to be able to articulate their thoughts and views regarding an experiment or theory. The Curriculum for Excellence outcomes state that an aim of science education is for pupils to become “a scientifically-literate citizen with a lifelong interest in the sciences” (CfE, 2013). However, skills such as measuring or the ability to create a hypotheses are more procedural and transferrable. The main aim of science education in the
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