Science Fiction, And, Star Wars And The Time Machine

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Science fiction, a genre which has elapsed over decades in the industry, has gained many followers in its several forms of media. Science fiction, in the same sense, has also been analyzed for its value and has received many “Authorities” in the sense that these individuals allow for a more comprehensive look at this type of genre. Different types of subgenres have emerged due to the enhancement of “New Trains of Thought” produced by these “Authorities” and have taken this genre into a new perspective. Science fiction’s most prominent sub-genres include works of Soft Science Fiction, Hard Science Fiction, and Military Science Fiction. Works of film and text that have been icons of this genre include titles such as “Planet of the Apes”, “Twilight Zone”, “Star Wars” and “The Time Machine”. Technology is an aspect that has been seen in these works and has been distinguished for its advances. Science Fiction has allowed for the thoughts of the author to take shape and one of the most used topic is the advancement of technology and where it may take humanity. The work and ideology of Kathryn Cramer, David Hartwell, and Isaac Asimov have helped to further understand the concept of technological advancements and their effects on human moral decision making. The central idea of what makes a true work a Science Fiction that goes beyond the aspect of enjoyment is the idea of humans and their inclination towards a dependency on technology that inevitably leads towards a closer
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