Science Fiction By Ray Douglas Bradbury Essay

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A multitude of topics exist in the modern world about the issues of politics, of scientific standpoints, of religious statuses, and even those of freedom. The topic of life on other planets has had its fair share of publicity. Stories of personal experiences, sightings, and encounters have navigated its way into the thoughts of an innumerable amount of people. Newsweek, reports on a poll that more than half of Americans believe in the existence of intelligent aliens. What does this mean for the world? Is the majority wrong once again or must we investigate the possibilities? Ray Douglas Bradbury, an American fantasy, science fiction author tapped into the notion of possible life on other planets, touched on the many mysteries of time, and grazed on the interaction between aliens and humans in “August 2002: Night Meeting.” A short story located in his collection The Martian Chronicles. Are there any answers to the questions presented? Evidence hasn’t shown aliens exist or has it? Most importantly, does the Bible specify anything about such findings? A common excuse for Christians to believe in extraterrestrial life is they believe the universe is much too large to just consist of only Earth’s inhabitants. Having life exists only on Earth would therefore be a waste of space. Firstly, we will look into the idea of life on other planets, but before we can look at life on other planets we must look at the composition of life in our modern world. Google defines life as “a
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