Science Fiction : Extraterrestrial Life

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Reme Elias
Mr. D’Amato
English Honors 4
5 November 2017
Extraterrestrial Life When you think of extraterrestrial life, you typically imagine a horrible creature that is very hostile or wants to control humanity, reptilian creatures, and incredibly advanced technology. Science fiction movies, tv shows, and books feature extraterrestrial life such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. Star Wars shows many planets, cultures, lifeforms, and advanced technology, Star Trek is about finding new races and making peace, and Doctor Who is about protecting humanity and other races from hostile aliens. These things are creative interpretations of what it would be like to encounter alien life in the real world. They all have varying ideas of what
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Many planets have been discovered and considered habitable such as Proxima b which was found orbiting Proxima Centauri which is only 4.2 light years away (Strickland). 4.2 lightyears is actually fairly close and the closest habitable planet discovered before Proxima b was 40 lightyears away and considered close.
Fig. 1 “Detecting an Unseen Planet.” Knight Ridder Newspapers, 23 June 2004.
Many people think humans are alone in the universe or if there were any other civilizations they are now extinct. Some scientists believe that it is more difficult for life to develop on a planet, that there is a window of time for life to evolve and create enough greenhouse gases to regulate temperature and sustain life (Thomson). There is a hypothesis called the “Gaian bottleneck” that suggests “(i) extinction is the cosmic default for most life that has ever emerged on the surfaces of wet rocky planets in the universe and (ii) rocky planets need to be inhabited to remain habitable” (Thomson). The “emergence bottleneck” theory opposes the “Gaian bottleneck” theory and says that there is a “low probability of life emerging in the first place ‘due to the intricacies of the molecular recipe’” (Thomson).
However, the universe is so vast that it is nearly impossible for humans to be alone in the universe. There are equations that scientists use to predict the
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