Science Fun : Up And Away

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PROCEDURE - Science Fun - Up and Away

This particular text, Up and Away, in Science Fun is an example of a procedure. Considering the characteristics of the text, such as the text structure and the language features, it is evident that the purpose of the text is to instruct how to make a science project, a “soaring straw.”

Beginning with a fun, outstanding title followed by a line of intriguing sentences, the text directly provides the instruction steps in sequence for making a soaring straw. Numbers are used as connectives (linking words) to show the sequence of the steps, and in each step, an imperative sentence starting with an action verb is used to explain what/how to do (e.g., Tape a paper clip to one end of a straw).

Based on the structure of the text, the language features, and the connectives used in the text, it is manifest that the purpose of this text is to teach how to make a soaring straw. The instructions for the additional science activity at the bottom left corner of the book also corroborates the genre of this text: a procedure.


The Naming is an example of a narrative. It is written to entertain and teach. The story is interesting and entertaining because it introduces a variety of creatures and tells the readers how those creatures were named and what kind of power they were bestowed. The part of the story where fleas were introduced teaches the readers that the creatures on the earth were made for their own sake,

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