Science: Global Warming, The Ice Sheets

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“The Glacier, and with it the Duck, might have moved since then.” Lou Sapienza is the lead organizer of a Coast Guard Operation searching for a missing World War II plane; the Grumman Duck and its lost crew. A challenging problem the party has with finding the Duck is the movement of glaciers since the planes went down close to 70 years ago. Since the 1950s the extent and the movement of the ice sheets have rapidly changed due to Global Warming. Most affected by this climate change is The Arctic, Antarctica and the Greenland Ice Cap. Lou Sapienza and his team of specialists only have a hand-drawn map of where the Duck crashed and an old radar survey from years ago. Their daring task is to predict how the movement of the ice sheet accelerated by global warming might have moved their missing plane. Since global warming is a problem, everyone will be affected by it in one way or another. It is time to act, to confront the problem and find a solution. According to Huffington Post, there are over a billion cars on the road every day. This contributes to the major cause behind global warming; Carbon Dioxide. In 2012, approximately 35.599 billion metric tons of Carbon Dioxide were spewed into the air. That is 61% higher than in the 1990s. If this rate of carbon dioxide emission is not drastically reduced, the melting of Earth's ice sheets will not only contribute to increasing temperatures but threaten all of mankind. On March 18, Carbon Dioxide levels have for the first time
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