Science Has Been An Interest Of Mine

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Science is something that happens every day. Science can be many different things as well. Throughout my life, science has been an interest of mine. Asking questions, finding out how something works, or how something is made. When I was in grade school, I don’t remember having any science classes. I do remember doing different experiments at home with my parents though. The one thing that I loved to do was mix baking soda with vinegar and watching its reaction. This was a lot of fun for me because it was very interesting to try and understand why both items that are used with food and cooking, when mixed together would do something so cool. When I got older and into middle school/high school, was when all of the cool science classes started. We learned about the different elements on the periodic table and we got to take a tour of the science lab and all of the fundamentals within it. The teacher showed us all of the different measuring tools and containers, the ways to be safe in the lab like eye goggles and all of the emergency wash stations. We also got to see a glass cabinet of a bunch of preserved animals. He explained that the animals were in formaldehyde and also told us some of the stories behind the animals. One was a really small horse and that was donated to the school from one of the locals because their horse had ended up having a miscarriage. There were frogs and snakes and even bunnies and kittens. Another interesting one was a baby deer that was also

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