Science Has Its Limits Too

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Science has its limits too.
Ghost is a novel written about a man named David Kurzweil. He is a man in his forty’s and is stricken when the fact that he has just been laid off from his job, is divorced from his wife, and now realizes that he has to start all over with life. He then takes on a job working as an apprentice in a mortuary where he finds himself able to find some kind of comfort. David is one who sees everything through the telescope of a scientist, until one day he sees something that could not be explained by science or logic. Being an atheist, this rattles through David’s brain like a sprinter in a race. Every day he thinks about it, and wonders if all of what he seen was true, or if he might just be hallucinating. But he soon understands that science sometimes cannot be explained and there is only one other answer to this solution, that science has its limits too.
Throughout the book David is forced to question and answer what he saw to be true or not. He is forced to question his scientific beliefs as well and soon learns that science has failed him. David can no longer rely on his logic and reasoning because on April 23th was the beginning of a life changing moment. It is when David is working in the mortuary downstairs by himself all alone and he then encounters what seems to be a strange incident for David.

“It was a thing near a dead body. A vapor. But more than a vapor. It seemed alive. It had
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