Science Has Made A Huge Impact On The World

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Science has, for centuries now, been a way to answer unknowns and change questions into answers. From the cause of seasons, to the human genome, science has made a huge impact on the world, in the way we function and think. Science has allowed the expansion of life across the globe, and allowed the fears, such as those of falling off of the edge of the earth, to be eliminated. Science exists only to answer questions that are hypothesized by the human brain, but sometimes science can be flawed. To be more accurate one must state that the problem is not with science being flawed, the long standing issue is the flawed scientist, and the nature of the human brain. The flaw in the human brain is feelings, and for the purpose of this paper, bias. Bias is almost impossible to control in one way or another, bias can be as small as liking green over red. For the purpose of this papers argument the bias is racial. Scientific racism is the use of science, most commonly ostensible science, to substantiate and justify racist philosophies and positions. Often these pseudo scientists would ignore and fabricate results and conclusions, to correlate positively with their hypothesis. These skewed results were then shared through scientific journals, with other intellectuals and then the public. Multiple forms of scientific racism were used in the 19th century to justify the social, physical, and mental disparities and abuse of minorities in America. The modern concept of race, in the
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