Science In Nursing : The Art And Science Of Nursing

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Art and Science of Nursing By way of example, the art integrated to the nursing career gives it a true meaning as to caring for a patient based off intuition and skill rather than focusing on the objectivity of science. Nursing becomes a whole rounded definition when incorporating a spiritual well-being and consideration of each patient’s way of life. When realizing that every component to nursing care has room for the unexpected to occur even when there is no scientific explanation as to why. The beauty when you first come into a patient’s room to brighten their day in ways so simple that no medication nor treatment as easy as the right attitude offered by a smile to your patient’s has a greater lasting effect than any medication possible. The art of listening to a patient means the world to those who have gone unheard of through the nursing process. As mentioned by Masters, “ While Henderson defined nursing in functional terms, she emphasized the art of nursing as well as empathetic understanding, stating that the nurse must “get inside the skin of each of her patients in order to know what he needs… the beauty of nursing is a combination of your heart, your head and your hands and where you separate them, you diminish them” ( Masters, 2015, p 38-9). On the other hand, Science in nursing as defined by Donaldson, “Some would define it as the study of a particular type of nurse-client interaction, others as use of a particular theoretic model or philosophy, and, others,

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