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REQUIREMENTS FOR THE INVESTIGATORY PROJECTS I. Content Apply/demonstrate scientific principles or attempt to provide new knowledge; Be a result of continuing or parallel scientific research and investigation & not a copy of any previous research; Have socio-economic significance and relevance to livelihood development; and Contribute to the advancement of S&T and the development of the community. II. Physical Set-up/Visual Display The physical set-up must be attractive and informative. Interested spectators and judges should easily asses the study and the results obtained. Use clear and concise displays. Make headings stand-out, draw graphs and diagrams clearly and label them correctly. A one-page project abstract must be posted…show more content…
Background of the Study- states the rationale of the study. It explains briefly why the investigator chose this study to work on. Statement of Problem/Objectives – the nature & scope of the problem should be presented with clarity. Two types of objectives maybe stated: General Objective – this is related to the problem as given in the early part of the section. Specific Objective – this states the purpose of each experiment conducted. Significance of the Study- the importance of the study is explained in this part. Scope and Limitations – states the coverage & extent of the study. Review of Related Literature – sufficient background information should be presented for readers to understand & evaluate the results of the present study. Only the most important studies and theories written on the topic should be included. Methodology – provides enough details so that a competent worker can repeat the experiments. Materials/Equipment – the exact technical specifications, quantities and source of method of preparation for all materials used should be given. Specifically built equipment used in the study must be described and the description accompanied by a picture. Treatment/General Procedure – the manner & sequence by which each experiment or set of observations were done & how measurements were obtained should be described in detail. Avoid using the “recipe style” when stating the step-by-step

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