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The title of our project was Bilimbi fruit as an alternative stain remover. The purpose of this experiment was to find out if Bilimbi can remove stains from our clothes. We all know that teenagers today are very eligible especially in wearing dress. We conduct this kind of study to be able to have another background study about natural bleaching agent and to build natural product that is a solution for a stains The procedure involved was to apply the extract of Bilimbi to the clothes were the stains are located. The Bilimbi was divided into two pieces and brush it to the clothes were the stains are there. There are 3 trials in the experiment. The experiment was observed for 10 minutes. The result of the experiment was recorded
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- 2013 Dry cleaning& Laundry Institute

Stains do not just spoil a look. They can also ruin a reputation. Some people judge other people by appearances and stains – on clothes, furniture, accessories and personal belongings. Stains are hard to prevent – they just happen, mostly by accident. But it’s even harder to remove stains. Especially in Manila, there are many possible things that can cause stains in your clothes. In Manila there are many busy persons with their business. . Ballpoint pens, permanent markers and fountain pens are helpful tools but

can be trouble makers. Their stains can be the toughest to remove once they have set.
- 2013 Manila Standard Today

In Davao City, Bilimbi is observable everywhere. So we can use and apply it anytime to our clothes anytime we want. People in Davao City are very hard work. The primary method of stain formation is surface stains, where the staining substance is spilled out onto the surface or material and is trapped in the fibers, pores, indentations, or other capillary structures on the surface.[1] The material that is trapped coats the underlying material, and the stain reflects back light according to its own color. Applying paint, spilled food, and wood stains are of this nature.


These are many products out there that are proven to remove stains to our clothes using bleaching agents, but these products are

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